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Hey guys,

I'm playing Ultima VI at the moment and i can't figure out how to add new spells to my spellbook. I purchased a new spell (unlock magic) in Skara Brae and I got a scroll but I have no idea how to use it. I assume I have to copy it to my spellbook, but how do i do that? i tried sing the scroll, but the game says it's not usable.
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HiPhish: ... i can't figure out how to add new spells to my spellbook. ...
Use the Move command (Command button under the map or press 'M'), like moving things into containers. Moving an item into a square with a chest, barrel, or crate will place the item inside it.

Just Move the spell into the spellbook.
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Thanks, I knew about moving objects into containers, but I didn't think of the spellbook as a container. A note for everyone finding this in the future: if you are using Nuvie you can drag&drop the scroll into the spellbook, but only if you don't have the spellbook readied in you hand. If you do the engine will think you are trying to equip the scroll, which is impossible. Place the book anywhere else (your inventory, the floor...) and you can drag&drop the scroll into it.