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Is xu4 true to the original game and everything? Can you choose not to use the upgraded graphics?

I can't get Ultima IV to run (the GOG installer with DosBox) without crashing.
xu4 defaults to the original graphics to give the same experience as the original version. You can change to a different graphics set at any time or even back to the DOS version if you want to (saves are cross-compatible as far as I know).

All you need to do to get xu4 up and running is download the latest snapshot from this page and install it into the same folder as Ultima IV.
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I notice the readme for fixes says stuff like "added ranged combat" and "game now fully playable from start to finish".
Are there things in xu4 that you can't do, that you could in the original? Is it missing anything? Because "added ranged combat" sounds like a pretty big thing.