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As a note, this is not my first time playing Serpent Isle by any means but it is my first time 'properly' playing it (not using the cheat mode and doing more than parts of Monitor and Moonshade or teleporting to random places).

That said, I just finished the trial in Fawn (first time I did anything more than wandering around in Fawn), but I thought I would pick up the map before heading towards the Sleeping Bull and Moonshade. But now I can't find Scots. I had done the letter delivering earlier, but he is nowhere to be found in the Fellowship Camp. I thought maybe he wandered into Fawn after the trial, but have not had much luck finding him there either.

It won't be the end of the world if I can't get the map, but I hope I have not glitched myself or missed the chance.
Well I certainly don't need the answer anymore. Just finished the game. Despite having played Ultima games for most of my life, it is only the second one I properly finished (along with 8). Though if the answer was anything other than a bug, it might be still be useful for someone else.