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Hi, I'm looking to start Martian Dreams to test out Ultima games, but I'm also trying to print out the manuals in booklet form. It is possible to print out the reference card as each page of the manual is 'one page' on the pdf document, whereas the manuals are pdf scans of two pages on one pdf page, which makes printing a booklet awkward.

Is there any resource that has a more printable version, I've tried, or a method of separating the manual pages on the pdf. Might require Adobe acrobat. Then the question whether sharing an edited manual doc is allowed.

Thanks in advance.
Managed to sort it out. Trial version of Adobe allows cropping into odd and even pages and then merging together to form one document. Will upload after I can get it to print out properly, currently my printer seems to like putting 4 pages on each side...
p.s is there any pdf viewer that will show a print preview? Seems to be missing from everything these days.