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I've noticed that quite a few people are curious about what this game is and how it plays. I'm in the process of creating a full playthrough but for now this should help show you some basics.

So drop in and take a look.

Well done. Thanks.
Awesome! Thank you for creating and sharing that. It was fun to watch.
It's an ongoing series so make sure to watch the newest episodes. I should have Part 4 posted by tomorrow morning.

EDIT: Apologies for being a little behind schedule. I've been unusually busy, should be up tomorrow.

EDIT2: Part 4 is now live (
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Really enjoyed watching the ones you've done so far. Even though I've played this game more times than I can remember it's good to see someone else's take on the game.
Those Let's Plays are already finished:

I've watched a couple of Byron's videos, I don't particularly care for them and his compression led to extremely choppy frames.

I'm basically just doing this for fun as playing for an audience adds a whole extra layer.
I've watched 7 videos so far and I'm liking it.
Thanks for putting this up on Youtube, I am currently watching your play-thru.