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I'm a newbie, but I couldn't find an answer in Ultima forum about setting up for saving on Ultima 1 game. Whenever I hit "Q" (which is save in Ultima 1), I get prompted to insert the Ultima 1 diskette. I did a basic GOG games install and game / DOSBox sets up and runs fine. The mapped DOSBOX C: directory is the actual working directory where the Ultima 1 files and player save files are stored. So I don't think this is a DOSBOX problem. I couldn't find any configuration setup for the game or a .conf file setting to help. Somehow this problem has crept up in the latest release. I bought the program a few months ago and am finally getting to set it up and play it. Game plays fine, just cannot save. What am I doing wrong?

Update: I had changed the name of my directory and thought I had modified shortcut, etc, but I'm missing somethying to change. I reinstalled from scratch the Ultima download and it works fine. So the problem is the changes of the directory. Is there a registry entry I need to change?

Update: I had a "-" in the directory name which for some reason caused a problem. By removing the dash, the save works fine.

Update (Final): The dash "-" was a red herring and had nothing to do with it. The reason I got the error on saving was because another program had a lock on it (Hex editor in my case, LOL). Again, the lesson is to be sure that no other program has a lock on the player file, while the game is playing. Hope this helps if you are getting a save error.
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