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i did the heinous thing of asking an npc in a local town about the town right at the start now i can't leave the conversation which means my quest has effectively come to an untimely end as of 10 seconds past the intro lol.
how do i free my character from conversations or at least from the conversation with Calabrini the mage?

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MaceyNeil: how do i free my character from conversations
Say bye to leave a conversation. :)
You can also just press the "ENTER" key to exit a conversation.
Always remember: In an Ultima conversation, the three words you should always remember to mention are name, job, and health. The first two will almost always cause the NPC to mention something else you can inquire about; asking about "health" isn't essential, but try it anyway, as you never know who might be able to restore your HP. Plus it's good for your Virtue!