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Hello all,
I've been having some trouble getting the keyring mod to work in exult on my mac. I've followed the read me and all the other documentation within the exult page also. I still do not get the option to play with the keyring mod when I launch Exult. I have downloaded the file then extracted the zip into the mods folder I created then place in the blackgate folder I have with the rest of the data from the game. Am I missing anything. Any help would be much appreciated.I've attached how I've placed the mods folder. Thanks in advance.
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I really am not familiar with Mac, but it looks like you have a mods\Keyring folder and in that a Keyring folder. The way it should be is blackgate\mods with one Keyring folder in the mods and the keyring.cfg file, like in the screenshot I attached. Maybe someone who knows how Macs work could help you more.

Well I saw on the Exult forum you were able to get it solved, have fun!
exult.png (9 Kb)
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