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I'm using Exult, and apparently an earthquake should happen at the very beginning, prompting further investigation into the Isle of Fire. But in my game there was no earthquake, and neither Iolo nor Lord British have any related conversation options. The expansion is installed because I can see the "Forge of Virtue" subtitle in the Exult main menu, and I can fly to the Isle of Fire on my magic carpet. However, I'm afraid that by doing something out of order I might break the game. Does anyone have any idea how to trigger the earthquake?
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Just an update: I went to the Isle of Fire without Lord British sending me there officially. I encountered no scripting issues during the trials. When I completed the expansion, I went back to Lord British, and he acknowledged my success and gave me the strength boost. So everything is working fine even without the earthquake. Though I should also note that I experienced several earthquakes while on the Isle of Fire.