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I started with those two games and I'd like to ask You a few questions, that showed, when I started to play. So:

1) My life points are still dropping down. Any ideas, what could be wrong? Mabye I'm poisoned, how I know that? Is is written somewhere? Or could I suffer any other condition, like curse, illness or fatigue?

2) Is it possible to know the stats of the armor and weapons? Their attack number, defense number and so on. Is it written somewhere?

3) Any chance how to know, what's the effect of the potions and plants? Or am I supposed to try and try?

4) Can I maually increase my attributes, when I advance on a level? I just got on level 2, but I didn't receive any points.

Thank You for Your help.
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well if you're poisoned your HP will be green and the stat advancing needs to be done at shrines, where you type in a "mantra", you can find the mantra's and stuff on here

im only just on floor 2 so i know on floor 1 the shrine is in a giant ankh shaped room behind a hidden door (ive now clue why they'd hide something to advance your stats)

you can see the room on any map on the net
Your life can also go down if you are on lava. You find Mantra's throughout the game, from scrolls, people you meet, or inscribed on walls. About the armour and weapon quality, I don't believe anyone has ever figured it out, I just used common sense personally. Like "excellent" is better than "worn". I did great in the game just using this thought process for what weapons and armour to use.

Don't forget the games come with the cluebooks. If you need info, they have great stuff in them.

For me, a big part of the game was exploring and finding my own way, learning on my own about everything. Cheating or looking ahead ruins the fun of what Ultima Underworld has, because a lot of the fun is to be had with the exploring. Of course all in my opinion! Just a thought to those that like explore games.
Ad 1. If vitality flask is green, you are poisoned.
Maybe you are hungry?, tired?

Ad 2. No, but the names may help you: in a order from weak to powerfull
dagger..short swod..long sword..broad sword
hand axe..axe..battle axe
cudgel..light mace..mace
bucler, small shield..wooden shield..tower shield

badly worn..worn..servicable..excelent (quality of items)

Ad 3. I dont know, only on the beggining, in the sevret room, is Silver Sapling---seed--- good for resurrection.

Ad 4. I thing, Its impossible.

Have a nice play :-)
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Thank you for your advices. I just finished third level and I quite got used to ultima interface. I'm using my common gaming sense and everything goes well. That's what I love on old RPGs.:-)
Btw, I also solved my problem with dissapearing hitpoints. I didn't know, that I lose lifepoints not olny when I fell from the high platform, but also when I hit the opposite wall during jumping! So now I'm more careful with jumping and my lifepoints are stable.
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