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kiva: While trying this out I ended up with no voice but with subtitles. Then fixed it but lost the subs. What is the setting for those?
Arkose: I don't think you can enable them separately. Many older games only displayed subtitles when voice was not available rather than tying to to a separate setting as in more recent games.
I see thanks.
Arteveld: I really dislike the cacophony of the original setup GOG presented.
The GOG release lacks the install.exe file, so You can't really change the sound setup.
Thankfully, You can edit the games config file.

Go to Your "UNDEROM1\DATA" folder, and open up the UW.CFG, and edit the first line:
from "6 -1 -1 -1 sound",
to "4 -1 -1 -1 sound".

Enjoy the awesome music of UU without earrape. ;)
Thanks so much for this! The General MIDI music sounded so wrong to me. I missed that OPL sound, although it definitely still sounds different from my old Sound Blaster card.
satellite: Can someone please tell me how to disable the speech, as I would very much prefer having subtitles since I'm a bit hard of hearing. I'm not a very tech savvy person, so please describe it in simple steps?
If it's any consolation, there's only speech during the opening sequence. The rest of the game puts dialogue in text. To my knowledge the only way to show subtitles is to get rid of all digital sound entirely.
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The music stuttered when i changed the midi device to "4 -1 -1 -1", but changing the prebuffer in dosboxULTIMA1.conf from 10 to 1000 helped. Plays perfectly now.
This old thread just helped me A LOT. I was aiming to run the GOG release of UUW1 on my Android tablet, and at first there was no sound. A little tweaking made speech and sound effects come out, but no music, and that was starting to take too long.
Arteveld: Go to Your "UNDEROM1\DATA" folder, and open up the UW.CFG, and edit the first line: from "6 -1 -1 -1 sound", to "4 -1 -1 -1 sound".
This is what made the music come out right off the bat, no more tweaking required in my end.
Magnus: UWSOUND.exe for Ultima Underworlds 1. Take off the 1 in the front.
UWSOUND.exe for Ultima Underworlds 2. Take off the 2 in the front.
Probably what I needed before this all started, I suppose I didn't need to be tweaking anything had I the original configuration files at hand.
Arteveld: Install.exe is not there.;)

Perhaps there is a way to configure the sound with this, i just haven't found it.
Arkose: UINSTALL lets you set sound settings. I haven't really experimented with it but its changes do seem to take effect since choosing PC Speaker made the music disappear. :)
I saw this solution elsewhere but in my end I couldn't find INSTALL or UINSTALL files. Checking this thread I ended up finding both UWSOUND and UINSTALL within the CD image, stored in the UW folder I hadn't checked before.
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UWSOUND.exe doesn't want to run on Windows 10. What should I do?
Bigger_C: UWSOUND.exe doesn't want to run on Windows 10. What should I do?
You should run it in an emulated DOS environment. You could use DOSBox for that.