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...I'm looking for a resolution mod that will allow me to go to 2560x1440. The game looks much better at 1080P than it does at the standard 1024x768, but if I could run it at my monitor's native 1440P I think it would look much better still. The 1080P hi-res mod doesn't work properly with the 1.3 version of the game, either--have to use the 1.2 version with the patch to get 1080P.

It's difficult to believe that as late as 2005 developers were still using fixed resolutions for their Windows games. Most would allow you to use any resolution your system was capable of even if you didn't have the hardware to run them at a very high res in 2005--developer Altar should have known that fixing the 4:3 res of 1024x768 would seriously degrade the longevity and replayability of this game.

Just thought I'd ask...;) (At 1024x768, much as I hate to say it, the game is so ugly it's actually distracting!)
I can certainly see how popular this game has been...;) Two weeks later, and the most recent post is still my own! Crazy, man, crazy...;)