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I don't know about you guys, but the manufacture times seem to handled weird.

WHen I order multiple items, the cumulative time to make these, seems to be applied to every single item!

To Explain:
Making one light armor takes 18 hours. It acutall does take 18 hours this way.

Making 4 one light armors(In one order) takes 72 hours.

BUT, when I increase the production order like that, every SINGLE light armor takes 72 hours to complete.

Is this some kind of bug? Or am I jsut being dense?
boxofdoom: Is this some kind of bug? Or am I jsut being dense?
From what I recall, in the scenario you are talking about, you should be getting a light armor every 18 hours, but no notification. You did check your inventory to see if you have the items being manufactured, right?
Yeah, I was just being dense.

It is like you said, the game just gives no notification about it.

Thanks for your response!

Will play this game until exhaustion now! ^^