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tl;dr got into the wargot thing too early and I'm getting my ass kicked. Help?

The longer version is that I am controlling most of Europe, Africa and slowly advancing towards Asia. Cultists are controlling parts of America and were often attacking me. No biggie.

I got over two squads worth of soldiers, usually being one (7 men) active while the others healed or trained. I'm using Med armors and AK-47's as standard loadout, and the game bugged and I can't build attachments (any guide to fix this would be appreciated).

I stopped my expansion while I figured out more "advanced" stuff about the game, did a reorg of tracks and bases.. then the Wargots attacked, and everything went from "just another bug hunt" to "game over, man! game over!"

Now, I can (more or less) defend against these attacks, but I can't really keep it with its frequency, as my soldiers get hurt and my ammo get low. I tried to counter-attack in America (while ignoring one attack in my territory) so I would cut their lines of attack on my bases, but in the time it took me to do two operations I lost one territory and got another two more under attack somewhere else (Which makes me think that their attacks are random). I've tried to just let them take the territory, as I read somewhere that if you do it, when counter-attacking, the Wargots are gone, but they appeared with the cultists, so no luck.

So well, can I do something here?
Neurus_Ex: I can't build attachments (any guide to fix this would be appreciated).
It's a rare bug, I don't remember how I did to correct this from my game, or at least to make these factories able to work again.

Yes wargots are dangerous if you have not enough made research (it seems), and without attachments it's worst...
However I've never been in a so bad situation of yours, and I play with the bigger difficulty.
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Sorry, kind of forgot about this (put the game on hold for a while).

So, do I have any option here besides restart the game and try to get enough research before these bastards came? I can try to keep up my current game, but I'm picturing losing a lot of provinces (which will fuck my production, which will fuck my hability to putting myself up to speed with the Wargots).
It's a rare bug, I don't remember how I did to correct this from my game, or at least to make these factories able to work again.
Huh, but the problem is that I only managed to research the "use attachment" technology, not the "build attachment" one. The factories work just fine, is just that I can't really produce them.
Bring the items necessary with your active squad to battlefield. Say, a gyro.

Fight normally. Before killing an enemy, drop that item on the ground.

Kill that target, loot that target. Pick the item (say, that gyro). Save.

After ending that mission, check a few days to see if that research become visible (able to research).

If not, reload the save and repeat the drop item, wait a few sec, pick it up, and end that mission.

It relate to a buggy process of realizing your squad pick up the needed item from battlefield to activate the research.
On the specific issue of Wargot attacks.

The solution is to hire Cyborg technician. Get a tech3 if possible. They are hired with their Mechanical skill already high and equipped with PKM or M60 can rock and roll right away. High skill, high HP, that's enough.

Dont hire any other kinds, because riflemen shoot slower than machinegun, close range combatants are too risky and prone to wounds, and sniper rifles cant pump bullets into Wargot quick enough. Plus they dilute your production lines.

Hire a trio of Cyborg technicians, equipped with PKM (or M60 if you must) then send them into the fray. Meanwhile your ordinance factories can produce 7.62mmAP to supply them.

When your advancing recon guys can discover hostile, the trio can pump that luckless target (5 round per PKM, 3 guy) 15 rounds per 2 seconds and down they go. Even with horrible hit chance like 50%, those bullets flying around will hit something, and is called suppression fire.