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Greetings everyone. I recently re-acquired the entire series off this site ever since I lost my copies many, many moons ago. The question is that I remember getting more than one martian troop available to me after I do the rescue and re-acquired their alliance after them telling me to stop terraforming. However, I do remember you had to take specific steps for this to happen. I was wondering if anyone remembered those steps.

Thanks in advance.
I had two rescue missions for them, that was how I got two Martian troops. You may have forgotten about the second (possible, but may or may not happen) rescue mission.

Also, you have to research terraforming acceptable to the Martians, though you probably remember that as well.

Do you remember if there is any way to negotiate with the beastmen?
Unfortunately, there is no way to negotiate with the Beastmen that I know of.
the beast-men are almost EXACTLY like the cultists in UFO:Aftershock in the sense that you cant request any mats or personnel from either faction....mind you ALTAR pretty much got rid of the resources things in AL apart from the requirements and basic trading of resource tiers