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List of summon command for X-COM: Alliance:


summon alliance.Ascidian
summon alliance.Sectoid
summon alliance.CommanderSectoid
summon alliance.HighMentat
summon alliance.snakeman
summon alliance.Muton
summon alliance.Ethereal
summon alliance.Sectopod
summon alliance.Chryssalid
summon alliance.HouseKeeper
summon alliance.CyberAscidian
summon alliance.GeneticAscidian
summon alliance.Guard
summon alliance.Tropper (1-5)


summon alliance.GaussGun
summon alliance.FlameThrower
summon alliance.HeliumThrower
summon alliance.ProximityGrenade
summon alliance.StunGrenade
summon alliance.RocketLauncher
summon alliance.DemolitionCharge
summon alliance.PlasmaPistol
summon alliance.FusionGun
summon alliance.GuidedRocketLauncher
summon alliance.AlienGrenade
summon alliance.Knife

summon alliance.SectoidHand
summon alliance.RemoteControl

Unknown Alien Item:

summon alliance.HPlas
summon alliance.AscidianDataDisk
summon alliance.BioChip
summon alliance.DataCrystal
summon alliance.GeneticSample
summon alliance.Neuraliser
summon alliance.SniperRifle
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