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Hey, I can't seem to get either of these to start. I get 2 errors (Which I have attached in a paint doc) and this appears to happen for both.Not sure if the exact error is difference, but they look pretty similar.
I'm running on XP, with a Radeon 9700 (And I've updated the drivers :) ).
Anyone got any ideas for what it could be?
Thanks for the help!
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Could you post your other system specs please?
SamosaSan: , I can't seem to get either of these to start.
I'm running on a Radeon 9700 (And I've updated the drivers :) ).

That's why. New ATI drivers are worst.
You should be able to play Aftermath, but for Aftershock see here:
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Sure Ralackk. My other system specs are:Athlon XP 1800.
1G Ram.
Samsung DVD drive.
2 Seagate hard drives.
What else did you want to know?
Thanks for the link ERISS, I've tried the tips in that forum, but it doesn't seem to make a difference. Plus the same thing happens for Aftermath.
I did wonder if it was an installation thing, but it does go through the file check properly.
Hmm you meet all the minimum specs for the game and your not running anything really wierd. I guess you could try rolling back the ATI drivers to something like 8.6 see if it lets you run the game then.
The stackwalk:126 error has, in some cases, been tracked back to programs like ZoneAlarm, so you could try disconnecting from the 'net and disabling everything in the background - anti virus, malware sniffer and so on.
This thread has some suggestions regarding the stackwalk:6 error,1066989256,31429&id=555943&b=4217&v=flatold
It looks like you didn't installed to default location,.
If that's the case i guess it wouldn't hurt uninstalling and then re-installing to the deafult location on C: just to see if it makes any difference.
I'll give re-installing again when I'm next on the pc (Don't get much of a chance at the moment :) ).
It's good to know that I'm not the only one getting these sort of errors!!