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So I've been looking around and I've heard from a few people on here that Aftershock does not play well with Catalyst 10.x+. I've been playing Aftershock recently and I'm experiencing tons of crashes and artifacting with my Raedeon 4850, something that simply does not happen with other, more graphics intensive, games.

Is there a workaround so that I don't need to restart every half hour due to crashing?
With my Radeon HD 6850, Catalyst 12.1 (the last, try it), that's 'good', there are not so more bugs than usual.
Not quite what I hoping to hear. Ah well, could be worse I suppose.

Is it strange that the most effective strategy is to capture as much land as I can as quickly as I can and develop my bases slowly but steadily? (So my income remains relatively level, and even net positive.) It almost seems that running a deliberate deficit can really bite you in the ass if you aren't careful.
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