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Wel... the title says almost everything :P

I'm playing on a Dell Inspiron 9400 (17" widescreen, ATI Mobility X1400, Catalyst bla bla). When the game launches, the screen flips and everything appears upside down since the intro videos.

It's the only game that currently give me that problem. I'm currently playing Deus Ex Invisible War (At 1024x768 too) and the game works fine (I do prefer keep the original resolution without scaling to get smooth graphics), and the launcher seems to crash with every single test I've tried.

I gess I can do something with the Catalyst control center, but I tried this game some years ago in the same computer and everything was correct. Any idea?
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Is it only the videos or everything in the game?
I had this problem a long time ago I think, and it had something to do with a plugin for vlc or media player, that had the output inverted, so it was obviously happening only on videos. Can't recall something more atm, but it is possible that something messes with the videos, not the game.
I managed to solve it :D

@JMich: Nope, the inversion occured before the videos started (The display changed from the native 1440*900 resolution to 1024*768, and shown my desktop upside down, then the videos, then the game's menu inverted).

But... the solition: There's a file called config.cfg in the root directory of the game. Inside it (You can edit it with the notepad or the .txt files editor of your choice) theres a value called KEY "video_mode" INT -1.
It seems this variable controls in which video mode the game starts, ignoring the faulty launcher.exe.

So... I just tested some random numbers to this variable, and found "120" ( KEY "video_mode" INT 120) to do the trick.

Maybe it would be insightful have some knowledge of what any value means (It seems the effects repeats in a ciclic way, i.e. "-2" has the same effect than "4" or "14"), just if any other user has similar problem, so he can avoid some tedious number testing.