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Well, to be short, this game is really good under many aspects, but on the other hand it surely misses something to be a great game.
Considering the price it surely worth the buy just to try it, personally i like it overall.
I think this game is very interesting until half game or past it, then it starts to become very repetitive and also a lot easier as even if you will face more "geared" enemies your squad will be so skilled that the "tactical" aspect of the game will become not so important.
The bases menagement, research and develop of new items are very well done imo, i was impressed about the variety of weapons and stuff you can research and create, it reminded me to "space empire IV" as research / develop.
The mixed real time / turn based tactical combat is working very well and the GDR aspect about leveling your team also is very well done.
The problem of this game is that the huge number of tactical random combats that you will have to face before having a new "step into the story" at a point will start to be always the same, in example the "capture an enemy" mission 95% of times is to grab the same sniper enemy in the same 2/3 maps, and it happens to do it twice in a row sometimes.
Btw i played it using from start the shadowarrior rebalancing mod, so i never played it without it.
At the end i like this game and i spent about 2-3 weeks playing it quite every night before being a bit bored, and im sure i will return on it from time to time, im only a bit disappointed it could have been a true masterpiece with only few additions.