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I want to know, wheter i can install mods to the GOG game UBOAT or if thats not the case.

I'd like to change the logos of the submarine and I'd am wondering, if theres a way to edit the templates by myself like I can paint my planes in MS Flight Sim.

I appreciate any help.


There is a well written tutorial on the Rimworld Forum:

It works more or less the same way for Uboat.
Of course the AppID is different: Uboat has 494840.
You will find AppID and ModIDs in the Adress Bar, while on the respective Steam\Workshop page

At "C:\Users\username\AppData\LocalLow\Deep Water Studio\Uboat" you have to create a "Mods" folder.
Put your downloaded mods there, activate them in the Uboat Launcher and you are good to go.

Don´t forget: Mods downloaded manually will not be updated automatically.

For help and infomation about modding Uboat, Uboats discord should be a good place to look for.

Post edited November 05, 2022 by RufiPes