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I use the manual download and there are some older patches missing. I cannot install patch 6 to 7 and higher without the earlier patches. The latest patch which I have is patch 4.
Does anyone have the missing patches 5 and 6 for me? It would be very annoying to download the whole game again...
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Noone who can send me the patch 5 to 6? At least the developers should have it?!

The GOG support is no help, it seems that they are not interessted in their customers after collecting the money...

As far as offline installers go, you will probably have to re-download the entire game with version Patch 12 to update from Patch 4.

We don't have such patches on our end. They are made by GOG staff from the complete builds of the game that we upload into the backend.

You can always download the latest version that we upload into the backend by using GOG Galaxy.
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Thank you for your answer!

It seems, that i will not be able to buy games anywhere. Steam is a no go and GOG also after their great customer support...