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Note: Since I am not good at English, the following is the result of machine translation. I will attach the original text of Chinese below.

After updating from B131 to 2022.1, this game has added a lot of content that contains a lot of text for description. However, almost all of the new texts do not have a corresponding Chinese translation, from the first version of 2022.1 to the latest 2022.1 Patch 16.

I don't know why, but these issues did affect my gaming experience (for example, since a lot of telegram content was not translated, I had to turn on the translation software throughout).

Translations in other languages have progressed, but Chinese translations have not been updated. Does anyone know why this is?


从B131更新到2022.1后,这个游戏增加了许多内容,这些内容包含大量用于描述的文本。但是,几乎所有的新增文本都没有对应的中文翻译,从2022.1的第一个版本到最新的2022.1 Patch 16都是这样。
The Chinese translators' team is currently working on an update. They say they will be done with it soon.

We will definitely release it in patches to 2022.1 once it's ready.
The first iteration of translation is included with Patch 18. The patch is now online.