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Why is this game $6 more expensive on the steam store @ regular prices?

Why does the GOG store page state that the LOWEST price before discounts was $10? Now on discount it is $13.50 canadian.

So I guess the final question is on steam does this thing use their basic DRM, or can you boot it up without steam client running (pure DRM free)...all things being EQUAL I still prefer to purchase on GOG...yet if BOTH stores offer this DRM free would be nice to know. Like recently I bought Death Road to Canada on Steam, which states it uses steams basic DRM online. Yet that report was a lie, as it is PURE drm free even there! Great game if you want something pure epic to purchase remember it. IT IS couch CoOp and of coarse with remote play you can extend that to online CoOp. It is also single player.