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The music in this one doesn't sound right to me compared to the other freeware version which can be used with Dosbox or the opentyrian one. I tried different ways of changing the sound in the config file but the music still hasn't changed. With this one the music sounds more different from how it sounds in the soundtrack than with the other versions I do like the sound effects better now, but I know the music isn't sounding right. I can't remember where I downloaded the other version of Tyrian for free before but the opentyrian one has it sounding right for comparison. The best way I can think of to describe the music is like it's being filtered wrong.
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I got the music sounding how it normally sounds now by replacing the files with the other ones from the other Tyrian 2000 install I have. I'm not sure which specific file needed to be replaced though. I'm surprised I haven't seen anyone else mention anything about the music, because I remember playing the demo a long time ago and how it sounded.
well the music is midi, so the sound you get is largely dependent on the hardware/software emulation layers you have, and what you selected in the game setup program.

The only file you probably changed is the game config file. GoG likes to default to dosbox's FM synthesis (adlib in this case) since it is emulated by dosbox and is guaranteed to be the same on every system. Maybe you replaced it with one set for general midi? Again, you can change the selection in the game's setup program.

The thing about general midi is dosbox relays it to your system's midi, and therefor the results can vary (most often is a lot better).
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Actually, I think OP is talking about the redbook music files. This is the freeware version which was released with the midi music files. This is the music I grew up with. OpenTyrian and other stuff probably put in the redbook music files, which are more "genuine" really since it's how it sounded to the composer when he was playing on his synthesizer or whatever he had. Those files were too big to couple with the freeware many years ago though. So OP probably just swapped midi for redbook
Oh wow, I had no idea there was redbook audio. That shouldn't be too hard to implement, but it would be a shame to replace the amazing midi tracks.

I doubt OpenTyrian comes with any redbook however, unless they can magically squeeze all the audio in to 153kb file, which would mean it's most likely midi. I think they use a soundblaster emulation.

That said, it should be quite possible to add the redbook audio to dosbox. I suppose you don't have any idea if the tracks are freeware or not? Else we could ask gog to include them? (along with the tyrian 2.0 multiplayer files and a launcher script which is what I would like them to add)
looks like redbook is windows version only anyway. at the time, any windows release of a dos game would get redbook renditions of the music, because midi was thought to be a thing of the past. (not that redbook wasn't done in the dos age) Personally I think in this case the midi tracks sound better with the Timbres of Heaven soundfont then do the redbook renditions.
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Same problem here. I certainly can NOT fuck all over my childhood by playing it with the sound this off (nothing close to the original on my old PC, which incidentally the soundtrack actually sounds like).

How can I change the sound to it is just like the original?
If you see this text I need some help with Tyrian the game is working fine its just the music It dose not play when I am in the level.
I have the same problem. There's no music at all. However, there are sound effects.
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