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I just registered to buy unreal tournament 2004 (Too lazy to install my 6 cd version) and saw that this (tyrian) game is given away for free. Thank you GOG!

Now if you'll excuse me, I'll go waste a few hours playing tyrian. :D
Also the ALL TIME favorite game of my childhood. AWESOME
totally agree.
Tyrian was the reason i joined GOG now i can't stop playing tyrian and buying other games
not even skyrim can stop me :( :P
LOL same as OP, I came to GoG to install a CD based game I was too lazy to go through CD's for, found Tyrian2K. I played the hell out of tyrian/Tyrian2K back in the day, so disappointed when it would no longer work on my newer computers. Now its back, playing this instead of skyrim LOL. Thanks GoG!
Indeed thanks GoG, I dind't even knew there was a 2k version, but boy did I wast a chunk of my teenage years on Classic Tyrian.