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I pick a menu, and it scrolls in a mad dash through the menu. High scores, options - it doesn't matter which one, I don't get a chance to read what is there. It flips through the screens too damn quick. It does this whether my mouse is connected or not.

I really want to try this game. Anyone else having this issue?
It's probably a controller or joystick you have plugged into your computer. If you don't wish to unplug it, try changing "joysticktypo=auto" to "joysticktype=none" in dosboxT2K.conf.
Hey thanks man! that was indeed the problem.

I have the same problem. Except I don't have a controller plugged. (It won't t recognize my ms X-box controller anyway if I do plug it.) There's no usb device plugged except my moue kb and headphones) Even when I'm playing with mouse, the ship will randomly dash to the right.

I can't find what the problem is.
Phaseshifter: Anyone?
I know this is years later but I'm also having this problem
Saaaaame problem here. What a drag, I've heard great things about this game.
had the same issue. The suggestion from another thread to either change or add (if it is not present):


to dosboxT2K.conf seems to have resolved the issue for me.