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Never mind, found it out myself :)
Post edited February 08, 2011 by Tarantel
Tarantel: Never mind, found it out myself :)
How did you do it? I can't figure out how to use the special mines and such... it seems to happen randomly.

Thanks =)
Depends on what special weapons.

The special abilities like the Flare, Soul of Zinglon are activated by pressing space when they're charged (red box in the top left is filled).

The 'twiddles' as they are so oddly called, are performed like street fighter moves - press a combination of buttons in the right order to do it. I don't have the list on hand but each ship in 1P mode at least has their own list of moves, some better than others. :)

Edit: I found the list - [url=][/url]
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