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Is there any way to change the music to soundblaster 16/awe? The configuratin file won't let me. I like the music better as soundblaster then fm music.
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Config file? What about the setup.exe?

But yeah, i'm having this problem too. I have the files for gravis ultrasound, but i can't get it to play anything besides fm sound :(
I think you are confused

Soundblaster 16/awe is not supported by dosbox. This is soundblaster's EMU8000 syth chip which could do wavetables/soundfonts and the like to compete with gravis, and you can achieve the same thing or better through general midi and your modern system.

FM synthesis is the soundblaster your expect, or more specifically, the OPL3 fm chip on the SB16 or OPL2 chip on earlier versions which is an exact equivalent to the adlib card.

to get ultrasound working you must first launch ultramid (located in the ultrasnd dir) prior to the setup/tyrian game.

But to everyone General Midi option on your system is potentially the best when used in conjunction with a modern soundfont like SGM-2.01.sf2 either through a Creative Audigy Soundcard or a softsynth like fluidsynth.
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