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1st question - the various Editions, is this stuff a GOG thing? I've kinda decided for myself that it is.

Wow what a mess too man. From the Library, if I 'go to store' on either the Castle Defense or Velvet - it goes to Nothing in particular. It's confused too! LOL I haven't yet gotten to where install is eminent but always looking around the corner so-to-speak.

In my library It's call Velvet Edition.

My quesiton it simply how do I know aside from the store page that Pirates of the Flying Fortress expansion is 'within' the Epic Edition?

Under extras I can see the expansions that are apart of what I bought + Two Worlds II Castle Defense is in the LIbrary looking like a stand alone something-or-other too. I'm sure it's not but as I mentioned, PiratesotFF xpak is not listed anywhere.

Also - is this thing Really that hard to run, or are all these mods that are 'lost' to those familiar from Yester Year more about multiplayer? Thanks in advance folks. =)
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