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The 2.0 tool is outdated. The latest version was 3.0 which could edit Pirates of the Flying Fortress expansion .par files without any errors.

Look into this insidetwoworlds website archives:

Here will be a link but stupid bloked.

Description of latest tool version:
Tw2ParamReader updated !

what's new:
- fixed bug with merging when some field has a link to non-existed item. i.e. its no need to join files twice. New merge mechanism adds new items to the end of the section.

- added compatibility with MOD files. Mod files can contain constant link to items from general parameters file(see constant section). If you want to add link to the item from original file just go to constant editor, push add button and enter name of the item from original file(make sure you've entered it correct).
You can't delete constants manually, the program do it automatically when you're saving a file.

- added command line parameter join "A" "B" "C" where A,B,C are file names in quotes (""). A - name of the file where all differences will be placed(also it's a name of saved file, so be careful backup original file before). B, C are files for compare, all differences between them will be placed to A file.
It creates LOG.TXT with compare info in the application dir.
Example TW2ParamReader.exe join "X:\Games\TW II\Parameters\TwoWorlds.1.3.par" "X:\Games\TW II\TwoWorlds.1.2.par" "X:\Games\TW II\TwoWorlds.mod.1.2.par"

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I've spend a lot of time in looking for this file around internet but found nothing except outdated 2.0 version.
Hope someone recover functional v3 version, I would greatly appreciate it because I'm modding this game right now (without paramreader a lot of stuff is possible but with it even more possibilities would open).