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I have a hard time to figure out how this works.

With the right mouse button, I can change direction but that is it. It just spins and the time runs out. Pha said I should push forward when the pick is over the gap, but w, space, arrow key up, left mouse button does nothing.

Ahhh, it was left mouse button. Sorry :)
Post edited April 21, 2014 by disi
the best way to lockpick in tw2 is to press left mouse button to start rotation then click left mouse when two gaps ajoinnkeep doing this until all 2, 3 ,4,or 5 gaps are aligned then the lock is unpicked however you need a high lockpick skill to be able to pick a master lock if you needextra skill points you can collect ingerdients and make potions or you can break down a weapon and use the materials to upgrade your own either way you will gain skill points by doing so