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This game has 1.7b update on Reality Pump Studios Home Page, FTP (down) Indeed...
Physix released from prior releases install conversion without prior manifest on installation setup to work on game, that there has worked, but here it's just astoning release, anyway is the promise for ancient games, but it's available only for update setup and on that setup release are depricated.

Physilogically saying it are limited game, as ancient games got Direct-X support and from Physix registering issues as control and depth, but there are sollutions, like working possibilities apart of sistematic features!

Anyway this instalation setup are not disponible, but the game comes with and are necessary to play, maybe it's dependent of the system! Anyway it are not included as file setup, but I can verify the installation and it sort to install on GOG Galaxy, anyway, the game is broken on that for the new generation and Vulkan! But at "first" probably something, but I need the setup file! And no update available!

The Funk Phenomena
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