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Since this game has been released again. It gives me a chance to bring up a serious problem that still exists from the original release of Two Worlds II back in November 12, 2010. Which I had been following.

The magic system was such a mess and so complex, problems ranged from, not knowing what cards could and couldn't be put into certain amulet slots and why, all the way up to managing to configure a spell and not being able to cast it or why it wouldn't cast despite pressing the correct keybind to cast the spell.

(I personally am still not sure how or why the cards I managed to got an amulet slot created a spell, but the type of spell which required me to use the RMB wouldn't cast despite I was pressing the RMB.

When the very first version of this game was released, the magic system was never explained. It was impossible to use and none of the effects/spells had any definitions as to what the effects and base information was never given making it impossible to know anything.

The major problem with the spells system in Two Worlds II is that the creators of the games system did not allow a player to see what effect, use, and category it belonged to when hovering your cursor over a card. Since that basic information does not exist, it makes the spell system 100% impossible to use. I personally have managed to get cards into amulets and have no idea why I was able to put certain cards into specific slots or how many.

An even bigger problem arises when a player somehow manages to gets some cards into an amulet, the spell is somehow not able to be cast and there is no explanation as to why, and there is no information showing the player what is wrong within the construction.

Here are some examples below:
1. Power and Enchant
2. Damage
3. Time
NO LISTED EFFECT yet the cards can go together in this configuration

Both Power and time aren't explained and Enchanting is for Items and gear...
Without being told otherwise this spell simply is shows 1 doing 2 on or to something 3
1. Life and Enchant
2. Damage
3. Time
Effect = Protect
Both Life and the effect (Protect) have no explanation and what/who is getting protected?
1. Confusion
2. Psyche and Enchant
3. Time
NO LISTED EFFECT yet the cards can go together in this configuration?

Both Confusion and Psyche aren't explained
1. Invisibility
2. Air and Enchant
3. Time
NO LISTED EFFECT yet the cards can go together in this configuration?

Without any breakdown and definition of anything on the spell then the configuration of this spell has the effect listed as turning the air invisible for a duration.
An even bigger problem is the trolls and morons who claimed the spell system is easy to understand (Knowing it wasn't) were purposely ignoring the fact about the spell cards has absolutely no information on them which means a there is no possible way any player could possibly know what spell cards can be used in one slot but not another and why spell configurations can be combined but never cast, and on top of that how to actually cast some of them once they were configured.

The only thing players who made the claim they understood the magic system did, was copy and repeat unexplained totally useless information that was already proven to not explain anything.

Idiot players would only ever say things such as carrier cards can only be used in certain slots is useless. What I found interesting is how there was no possible way for anyone to even know the type of card it was in the first place)

Since the game does not point blank say the type of card it is and the basic effect type, then anyone saying they know it's a CARRIER card is not only a liar but an idiot as well.

Here is an in depth layout that shuts down anyone making false claims:
If a player has 3 cards in their inventory, they have absolutely no clue as to what type of card it is, as well as what effects it can produce. So the player is left guessing where those 3 cards can be used in an amulet, or if they even can. What makes it even more frustrating, is the player is never given an understanding as to why some cards can only be be put into certain slots on the amulet. (Again saying it's a carrier card doesn't answer that).

Another seriously irritating problem is messing around with system will eventually allow a player to get a correct combination of cards into an amulet but then never be able to cast the spell and they are never told why. There is absolutely nothing indicating where in the configuration the problem is. All the player knows is that the configuration is correct so there is no reason the spell cannot be cast. To add to the confusion even further some spells require holding the button, and some don't and there is no way to know this:

The spell system is impossible to use because all the information a player needs in order to understand it does not exist.

As I said above this goes back to the simple basic understanding of why the need and importance to relay information about the spell (Type, effect type) is revealed when holding the cursor over it is crucial. Since no one has that information, anyone claiming to they can understand the magic system, is a straight up liar.

Of course that discussion happened on gamefaqs which we all know what type or rejects are on there which explains everything.

As it stands now, the magic system in Two Words II: Shattered Embrace is just like the original, it's way too complex, there is no information about what is what, and no one knows how to use it due to not having the information needed in order to understand it.
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