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This is from one of these job-boards. haha
disi: This is from one of these job-boards. haha
Okay, uhm... you're sitting in the UK, the community speaks English... why would you show us some German screenshot? :P
There you go:

This is an automated message, created by a protection spell:

"This job appears on the notice board, every time the 'Book of Elah' is stolen. The book is protected by the spell 'SecuBook', so it always reports it's accurate location.
It got stolen by a student of magic, taken to his study rooms and locked into his desk.
Find the book and bring it back to be rewarded.
I really love the idea of automated messages on a job board for stolen books with integrated GPS signal :)

//edit: the books are funny overall in the game, Gorlag's diary reminds me of 'The Shining'...
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