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I bought this DLC two days ago, and I'm giving it a fair shake and being objective and kind, but...there is just too much to let go...let's start...,

(1) Does the old TWII "parameters" folder with the autoexecgame2.con settings file still work for CoT? Not a major question--was just curious.

I tried a couple of settings that were ignored--paralaxterrain, for instance, can no longer be turned off, it appears.

(2) CUT SCENES...OK, so far my biggest beef with the game--why on Earth are these cut scenes instead of in-engine scripts executed in real time? The quality of the cut-scenes is absolutely horrible. Seriously--the quality dates back to Two Worlds 1--believe it or not--my character's hat/helmet is always off, the lighting is always different, and the DoF effect is *smeared* all over every frame of the cut-scene! I don't use DOF at all--you can imagine what this looks like on my 2560x1440 screen. It's horrible! The animation in TWII is much, much better--which I am certain the developers of CoT can see with no trouble at all.

You need to do it all in-engine--! It looks positively amateurish the way it is--I mean, really, really bad, guys. Please tell me this is going to be fixed! Man, mods for older games look much better than this in terms of quality. It's really very poor, guys. It's not going to pass muster.

(3) So WHY is the Voice Acting for the main character using two or three different voices? Three separate voices, by my count. It's ridiculous...;) I *loved* the guy you used for TWII--he was hilarious, unique, and just plain entertaining. But you use him for a few repetitive remarks taken directly from TWII--someone else for the main CoT dialogue, and still someone else for his voice in the new animations--such as in the beginning of the game! Crazy, man--just crazy. Got to fix that, I hope you know.

(4) The volume levels for dialogue throughout are terrible for the stuff you ripped from TWII--the main character's speech, the sound effects from lock picking, and the sound when the character gets refreshed from a shrine--are so low you at times cannot even hear them! You ripped all of those sounds directly from TWII itself--but oddly, in TWII the volume for them is fine--in CoT the volume for them is terrible--several levels *below* the rest of the sound in the game! No way you cannot have noticed this. Not possible, it's far too obvious.

***That's all for now--that's enough. I've noticed dozens of other smaller bugs and low-quality efforts that make CoT look far more like TW1--I mean, even the voice acting is using the *same people* from TW1. The Dorchad mayor, for instance, had a lot of speaking parts in the first game game TW1! He is nowhere in TWII at all, for what ought to be obvious reasons. The animations of the people in Dorchad are very sub-par--everyone looks drunk and/or stupid. Come on. This is not professional animation and voice work--would have been fine, maybe--20-30 years ago. Not now!

Guys, right now--and I'm running patch 2.03 GOG--this DLC is more like TW1-quality DLC--it's nowhere near as good as the quality of even TWII, and TWII shipped in 2011. You guys have a lot of work to do. What's the problem?--I don't get it. Really. It's barely up to the level of a *bad mod* in many cases!

Long as I know you are working really hard I'll stick with the game and keep an open mind. But I have to say you have a long road ahead. Right now I'd say the game is at least six months premature--but there is *so much* that has been really hammed up and hacked up--I'm not sure CoT is going to make it.

You know what that will mean for the rest of the DLC you have planned, eh? It's not going to sell at all if it's on the level of what I see here. TWII shocked many people when it shipped because it was *so much better* than what we thought it would be based on TW1--which was fun, OK, but not a very-well articulated game in in terms of voice and animation work. CoT has much more in common with TWI than it does TWII, amazingly enough, and that's even with CoT using the engine from TWII! The quality of CoT so far leaves so much to be desired that I am flabbergasted--it's much worse than I thought it would be even after reading the worst user reviews written so far...!

Please, do better...much, much better, eh? Thanks. I'm on your side, believe it or not! I don't know what your goals are/were--but what exists now would barely have been fit DLC for TW1. For TWII it's just not there.
Am I the only one who has purchased this DLC from GOG?...;) *What* is going on here?

I bought the DLC, so I have supported the company. But now I can't get a single answer for any issue I have raised? I am in awe--I cannot imagine what they expect will happen with their upcoming DLC--CoT isn't anywhere near ready for prime time--and they are trying to sell *Season passes*?

If was too negative--I'm sorry. But it's honest--that's all I can say.
OK, since no one is apparently playing this DLC except me, atm *cough*...I can answer some of my own questions...yes, I've discovered that the autoexecgame2.con list of commands does indeed work for CoT.

So #1, has been answered, but I surely would appreciate an expanded list of commands beyond those published on Segment Next six years ago. These would be and and full list would be nice. The "cheats" are available from several locations, but the only location I have found for a list of the engine/graphics tweaks is the old and ancient Segment-Next list. Raidor? Here is what I am currently running with the game...

Engine.paralaxOnTerrain 1
Engine.useDOF 0
Engine.dofscalefct 0.0
Engine.edgeAA 0
Engine.shadows 1
Engine.MBlurScale 0
Engine.MBlurIntensity 0
Engine.HDR 1
Engine.FogHazeFactor 0
Engine.FogHazePower 0
engine.usessao 1
engine.SSAORadius 1
engine.showssao 1
Engine.FarPlane 2050
Engine.DstFarPlane 7000.6
Engine.GrassUserDistance 1.8
Engine.GrassUserMultiplier 0.7
engine.maxanisotrophy 1
Engine.BloomMultiplier 0
engine.edgeAABlend 0
Engine.GrassFadeFnc 500
Engine.GrassFadeEnd 11250
Engine.GrassUserDistance 1.8

graph.setfastrunspecialefx 0 0 0.0
graph.SetFastRunSpecialEFX 0
graph.drawhero 1
graph.enablefog 0
graph.SunBetaStart -9
graph.SunBetaRange 52
graph.MoonBetaStart -10
graph.MoonBetaRange 45 0

A nice, comprehensive list would be great--if someone in the developer team has one. Thanks in advance.

CUT Scenes. I'd love to know what's going on with the cut scenes in the game--I went back to TWII and looked at those--they appear to be in-engine as the main character continues to wear his hat/helmet--but still--what is it with the the fact that the DoF settings in the cut scenes don't correspond to the engine settings for DoF, even in TWII? I'd love to see these done properly, in-engine with the same engine settings as set in the autoexecgame2.con file. Don't you think that's the way it should be done? Love some feedback on this.

Couple of minor bugs? Main character leaves footprints in the sand in TWII--can't get him to leave any in CoT beach in Dorchad--not even in slightly wet beach sand, for some reason. Still seeing problems with the sound volume levels in CoT--as in even with the MUSIC volume turned to "1" many other effects are drowned out--I'm using a decent pair of headphones, actually.

Big Item here: Is it possible to have the savegames automatically named after the geographical locale the player is in? For instance, in TWII, when one is in a certain town province, when the game is saved the name of the town is used in the auto savegame titling. In CoT, no matter how deep into Dorchad I go, the savegames always say "Southern Entrance," or something. Before you get into Dorchad, "Southern Entrance" is appropriate--but not after you enter town, surely. I'm aware that I can change the auto-title of the save to anything I want, but then that sort of ruins the utility of generating names for the savegames automatically, eh? When in Dorchad, why not title the savegame "Dorchad," etc.?

Voice acting? Any possibility of getting the main CoT character redone *by one person*--preferably, the original TWII main voice actor? That'd surely be great for things to come. It would help tremendously in the "immersive" character of the game.

I've noticed that many of the maps in the game seem to have "holes" in them--where textures do not overlap or seam---try swimming around the ship at the first of the game, for instance...there's a very noticeable texture gap in the ocean textures you encounter coming and going when you swim around the ship to look at what's on the other side, etc. Can't miss it.

OK, that's it...for I discover things I'll make note of them here, if that will help.