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Hi Berzerk2002, how is your day? Would you be willing to upload the Turok Rampage Edition on here, please?
TheDavestate: Would you be willing to upload the Turok Rampage Edition on here, please?
I would like to upload this but I don't have any access to the workshop on Steam because I don't own the game there. I always had to ask the mod creators for help to get workshop content I could add to the package.
I see, well thanks for making the package for us.
• Update 03.02.2019: added TurokNG Crosshair, TurokNG Cursor, TurokNG Fonts, TurokNG HD Texture Pack, TurokNG Loading Screen, TurokNG Localization, TurokNG Logo, TurokNG Skies, Turok Rampage Edition and Wilhelm: Dinosaur Hunter

Kudos to GOG user Smoke39 for the help getting this stuff.
Update to TurokNG:!o5ADgIZI!J9-sJCQqoE-8XD90mpfDnoT7oujsacdZYJgRqw_ASp0
TurokNG Sounds:!goxjTCyQ!WAQR9V2dU0jAC3ah8x_vXgHSMdQawSc1ODCXHBL8p84
TurokNG Sprites:!9oojXQbC!I5O1ofFI-kMpXjwEOXL39xIAk_vii-xz9Uwz4N4rqgo
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Thanks for this. I added it all to the workshop content pack.
• Update 28.07.2019: added HiRes Water and HiRes Water Turok+
• Update 20.07.2019: added updated Turok Community Map Jam
• Update 13.07.2019: added updated Turok Community Map Jam and Remade HD-ish weapon sprites
• Update 05.07.2019: added updated Cliffside Outpost (Turok+ Version), Mountain of the Sun (updated for Turok 2.0), Turok Community Map Jam, and Turok+ (v1.95)
• Update 30.06.2019: added Turok Community Map Jam, and Turok Ranged Fog
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Can we play the original levels without the fog effect ?
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Pyromancer138: Can we play the original levels without the fog effect ?
Kinda, but with some issues:

If you want to try it out anyway, press ` to open the console and enter this:

seta r_zfarextent 10000

You can turn it up even higher if you really want no trace of haze, but my framerate already starts to drop even with 10000.
• Update 06.01.2020: added updated Turok+
• Update 12.11.2019: added Drachenlord Mod, updated HiRez Water Turok+, Minimal HUD, updated Openworld Turok+ Patch, Play Turok Backwards, updated Turok Community Map Jam, updated Turok+ and Winter Turok Turok+ Patch

Download archive split into even smaller 200 MB parts for people with slower internet connection.
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