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Changelog for Update (added 22 December 2015):

- Galaxy achievements should work properly now.


Changelog for Patch #1 (added 07 January 2016):

- Safeguard checks for initializing video. Will fall back to starting the game in windowed mode if it is unable to create a window for fullscreen mode
- Head bobbing options implemented
- Possible fix for a crash when loading a level or loading from a save file
- Tremor effects no longer affects the player's velocity (won't be doing short hops)
- Animation speeds for AI on Hard and Hardcore difficulties have been toned way down
- Changing the difficulty in the gameplay menu now automatically updates all active AI, where before they would change their behavior only after revisiting the level (which was a bug).
- Fixed crash with moving platforms in level 8 bonus stage.
- Several minor updates to levels (wood pillars in Jungle all moves down rather than moving up. Looks silly with extended draw distance enabled as they all look like they're floating).
- Clamped XY coordinates in light scatter shader. This fixes very bad rendering artifacts caused by the shader in certain graphics drivers.

Head Bobbing Options

- This menu can be found in Options->Gameplay->Head Bobbing Options. The following options are:
- Head Bobbing - Toggles all bobbing while walking/running on ground and jumping.
- Turn Bobbing - Toggles the rolling of the view camera when turning (on land and in water).
- Adjust View To Slopes - Toggles your view being aligned to the floor surface that you're standing on.
- Underwater Bobbing - Toggles all bobbing related to being on water and underwater.

AI Updates

- The timing on how long it takes for AI to respawn has been heavily re-factored now. It will take roughly 15-30 seconds for them to begin fading out and another 10-15 seconds for them to begin respawning. Its still randomized but there should be a longer delay before they start respawning though it really depends on their configuration in the levels.
- The speeds of the AI has been lowered for the harder difficulties and they will be instantly updated if the difficulty option has been changed in the gameplay menu. The issue with them not updating until that level was revisited has led to a lot of confusion regarding to the broken nature of the AI and speed of the game.


Changelog for Patch #2 1.4.6 (added 07 January 2016):

- Fixed random sounds mysteriously relocating/repitching sfx
- Emulate the ceiling glide glitch found in original game
- Replaced all sounds of the game with the N64 version of the game. Quality is actually significantly better than the original 1997 PC port
- Fix back/exit button on joystick menu
- Localization for hub key plaque messages
- Add a fatal error call preventing crash for missing vertex attribute array support common to Win 8.1-10 default WDDM drivers missing OpenGL 2.0 support
- Enemies can now be blown away while in the death state
- Use generic spark for metal (robot) grunt subtypes when hit by knife
- Green blood and non-blood support (toggled in violence options)
- Localize extra life string
- GPU memory optimizations and cleaner implementation of Bloom post process
- Fixed light scatter post process for intel chipsets
- Possible fix for multiple weapons showing at once
- Fixed memory leak and flooding of nested kexParsers due to level scripts not being properly closed
- Refactor cheats and add unlock of infinite lives when you get max lives
- Support for hud opacity cvar
- Do not allow picking up backpacks when you already have one
- More fixes for preventing player from getting ejected into a room below him
- Don't holster weapon when entering anti-gravity areas
- Possible fixes to Mantis script logic
- Fix a problem where campaigner will not stun if he is locked in a melee cycle
- Special case checks for dealing with looping sounds played by sources
- Warp hum and waterfall sounds now loop
- Allow birds and monkeys be killed by particle accelerator because why not?
- Make some wind sounds loop
- Fix minigun/accelerator loop sound lock when holdstering
- Fix particles randomly becoming black
- Fixing tek arrow models


Changelog for Patch #3 1.4.7 / GOG-7 (Windows) (added 05 April 2016):

- Music system now uses SDL_Mixer (addresses a lot of issues and bugs with the current music playback thread)
- Fixing a bug for flying insects making sounds while regenerating
- Fix for respawning on levels that's not tied to hubs
- Fix critical heap corruption error when loading the splash screen
- Prevent crash if walking into secret sector but map isn't tied to a hub
- Collision tweaks and optimizations. Ensure objects stay inside sectors and somewhat improved wall radius collision detection.
- Default to default RHI shader during material initialization. Prevents random crashes from occurring.
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Changelog for Update / GOG-2 (Mac) (added 23 May 2016):

- We have added the Mac version of Turok to everyone's accounts.
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Changelog for Update 1.4.9 / GOG-8 (Windows (added 24 March 2017):

- The new Level Editor for Turok allows users to create and modify maps, add new features, and build custom areas.
Ah finally the offline installer has been updated to the latest version. Nice.
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Changelog for update / (Windows) (added 04 December 2017):

- Installer maintenance update - No game files were changed.
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Changelog for update / (Mac) (added 16 December 2017):

- Installer maintenance update - No game files were changed.
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Changelog for Update 2.0 (added 24 July 2018):

- Fixed a few general crashes across Windows, Mac and GNU/Linux,
- Fixed 'Purrdy Colors' cheat crash,
- Updated Internal game 'clock' tick so the game will run at 60 FPS and not 59 FPS in some cases,
- Editor Logging has been improved to help diagnose crashes,
- Many other improvements.
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The changelog posted is actually for the 2.0 Update 1 that was released 3 weeks after 2.0 was already available. Here's the real changelog for version 2.0:
• Backporting of Turok 2 code into Turok 1,
• Many under-the-hood changes for Xbox intergration,
• New DirectX 11 renderer,
• Added original PC CD soundtrack option,
• New time trial mode,
• 2 new achievements to bring the total up to 10,
• Unlocked cheats are now saved,
• Many many many more improvements
I just tested out Turok EX on Linux Mint 17.3 64 bit and Linux Lite 2.8. It's a go. Plays great.

Lenovo ThinkPad T410
Nvidia NVS 3100M (256MB) GPU.
I can see the changelogs, even in Galaxy BUT the version downloaded is 1.4.9 still...
SOURCE_OF_TRUTH: I can see the changelogs, even in Galaxy BUT the version downloaded is 1.4.9 still...
Because the Windows version of 2.0 (Update 1) is still not available. Don't ask when it will be available because nobody will give you an answer to that question.
Does anybody know what the current version of Turok is?
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The in-game console reports it as 2.0.0
Smoke39: The in-game console reports it as 2.0.0
Thanks a lot!