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Hi there!
As you may have heard, Tropico 5 has been recently added to Origin Access Basic Vault Games. It happens, that I'm its active subscriber so I downloaded Tropico 5 via Origin client, launched it and tried to play multiplayer but it says that I need GOG Galaxy in order to play online. So I downloaded GOG Galaxy and tried again but same problem. I also tried this method so that the game was detected by GOG Galaxy but it wants me to enter serial key, which I obviously don't have, because the game was obtained via Origin.
Any suggestions on how to play Tropico 5 multiplayer in this case?
Thank you in advance!
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This thread deserves a bump. Give the man an answer.
Any resolve to this? I too would like to know this. I downloaded GOG Galaxy and scanned the Tropico 5 folder and it found nothing. Also have it via Origin Access.
schließe mich mal an habe das gleich proplem habe den Support auch schon angeschrieben vielleicht gibt es ja bald eine Lösung dafür