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Hi everyone, I played quite a lot of Tropico 5 during the last week and I am really enjoying it. Unfortunately, I can not continue the campaign currently, because Tropico keeps on crashing for me. The issue appears when I try to load the Mission: Hope (the island is Isla Rojo): If I click 'play' the game loads for a few seconds and then just crashes to the Destop. Up until then everything worked fine, but it seems to be impossible to load this particular mission. I can load a savegame in the previous mission, finish the mission again, and as soon s I try to start "Mission: Hope" it will crash again.

I use GOG's complete edition of Tropico 5 on Windows 10, the version number is 1.10. I already tried to reinstall Tropico, verify the game files via GOG galaxy, and started Tropico with administror priviliges. All with no success...
Ibn case it matters : I use a GTX960 with the latest nvidia drivers.

Did anyone experience a similar issue and maybe even knows how to fix it? I dont really want to restart the campaign and replay all the missions again...

Thanks in advance for your help!

edit: the same happens when I open the campaign autosave on a different machine and try to load the mission
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