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Up until about a month ago, Tropico 1 ran perfectly, no crashes, no issues.

Now, however, I'm lucky to get it to run for more than 10 minutes. I've tried a lot of stuff you guys have suggested including:

1. Not running Google Chrome at the same time. Sometimes I even close out all the background processes i.e. extensions.

2. Lowering the in-game settings like graphics and whatnot.

3. Messing with the Compatibility processes. I've gone all the way down to Windows Vista (service pack 2), but I'm not sure if going older would be a problem?

And yet, nothing.

Should I re-install? Would that help?


EDIT: So I reinstalled, lowered the compatibility to 98/ME (as the game came out in 2001), and ran as Administrator and it's still crashing like crazy.
Post edited January 10, 2016 by stripesandshades
I have not tried running it on win 10 yet.. But i would just suggest, closing other programs, so that is the only thing running to make sure you are not getting hit with a conflict bug..

Also, did you try setting your monitor resolution to something like 1600 x 1024? Or perhaps something a bit smaller? I know sometimes older games can have issue running at unsupported sizes, and seeing Reloaded, is basically the old tropico game with No updates, i highly doubt it has any updates to resolutions it supports.