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Hello all,

unfortunately the El Prez version of Tropico 6 cannot be installed on Linux with as much as 50 GB disk space. Which is more than thrice the space »officially« required to run the game (and it still does not work). I do not know how much more it actually would take, I am tired of trying to find additional time for finding additional space…

Does anyone have any idea on how to get the thing started with the specs actually provided by the developer or GOG?

By the way, there may be yet another false claim made at the GOG web store (which is full of openly deceptive information even today): The Carribean Skies DLC is allegedly available for Linux as well (GOG advised me to take it out of the cart before checkout, which I did; the forum states there is a Linux version contrary to vendor statement).

(I am growing really annoyed with GOG -- even though I do not know whether it was the publisher's fault, originally. When I became a customer, the ratio of unplayable games was at ca. 2% to 5%. Which was okay, I could live with it. Today, it is at almost 70%. I strongly advise to do some basic quality checks at least for the future. There seems to be a steadily increasing lack of quality checks.)

Anyway, thanks for any advice on a workaround.