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Is the Killer App mod still being actively developed?

I remember hearing that v1.2 would be released around now.
Posted an update about v1.2 here:
A preview of one of the Multiplayer maps, that was exclusive to TRON 2.0: Killer App on the Xbox, being recreated by Kain-Xavier for v1.2 (the next version) of the Killer App Mod for the PC version of TRON 2.0.

Please understand that this is a work-in-progress version of the map. The skybox needs correcting, as do the textures, and the Xbox maps cannot be exact one-to-one recreations due to certain limitations. But they should be very close, once finished.

Kain-Xavier is making good progress, and once again I must thank him for returning to the project and lending me a hand! It’s been rough going it alone for such a long time.
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New trailer video showing many of the Single Player fixes in the upcoming Killer App Mod v1.2.
redrain85: New trailer video showing many of the Single Player fixes in the upcoming Killer App Mod v1.2.
Oh! Exciting!

I really hope this does get released and doesn't just turn into vaporware.
I just completed and uploaded another Killer App Mod v1.2 progress video to YouTube, a third Single Player fixes trailer. A fourth should be following in about a month or so (because the footage in it was split from the third, which became too long).

Single Player Fixes 1/4:
Single Player Fixes 2/4:
Single Player Fixes 3/4:
Single Player Fixes 4/4: To be added (pending completion)
hum... i'm confused.....
Is the version 1.2 available, yet ... or not ???
I can find version 1.1a..... but not the 1.2 version .....
rogerT: Is the version 1.2 available, yet ... or not ???
Not yet. But I post progress updates for it most frequently here:
ok , thanks ! Any progress ??

Can I ask if we can get this new patch for the christmas holidays ???
Just wanted to report that I purchased Tron 2.0 and immediately thereafter I installed Killer App Mod (1.1a) without issues. I can even launch the modded grame from GOG Galaxy without any further manipulation.

Widescreen looks great.

rogerT: ok , thanks ! Any progress ??
I just posted some more progress updates here:

The screenshots in those Twitter posts are from one of two upcoming Killer App Mod v1.2 progress videos. One is the long promised fourth Single Player Fixes trailer. The other is the result of going in an unexpected direction.

I'll attach one of the screenshots (downsized from 4K) to this post.
For the 18th Anniversary of TRON 2.0 (released August 26, 2003 in North America) I responded to a challenge from the Lead Programmer of TRON 2.0 (when he was at Monolith Productions), Kevin Lambert.

00:00 - Intro
00:02 - TRON 2.0 Lead Programmer Kevin Lambert's TRON Maze Challenge
00:47 - Response
01:09 - Again briefly, in slow motion
01:29 - A trace of this idea left in the game
01:39 - Light Cycle improvements in Killer App Mod v1.2
01:55 - Outro

If you want to see Killer App Mod v1.2 progress updates between video uploads to the LDSO YouTube channel, visit here:

Kevin asked if anyone could add a concept that was left out of the final game: Placing the player in a claustrophobic Light Cycle maze like the one seen in the original TRON film, with prompts appearing to let the player know when to turn (somewhat like how the game Dragon's Lair prompted the player when to move).

A fourth Killer App Mod v1.2 Single Player fixes trailer is still forthcoming. Consider this to be a "Preview Trailer 10.5".

EDIT: Kevin Lambert (the lead programmer of TRON 2.0) responded to me on Twitter! He was pleased with the result. :)
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