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The save games appear to be here:

I always forget that this is a hidden folder. If you have trouble like me, here's what I did (Windows 8)

1. Search for AppData starting from C:\Users\(username)
2. Navigate into the AppData folder from there
3. Modify folder properties; I just right-clicked below the last file or folder and clicked Properties.
4. I think the tab that's immediately open lets you uncheck hidden.

I feel like I've done 1&2 about four times, but I just now did 3 and 4. Game saves are a pain these days...
Windows XP:
C:\Documents and Settings\Your user name (administrator)\AppData\Roaming\TripleTown\saves
Post edited December 23, 2013 by eupawel
Thanks.....when my computer crashes, I seem to always
loose my save games....I thought that backing up the
installed files would do it, but I was wrong...good thing
I finally saved the needed files....

Takes a while, but once you start earning
real things, likes trees, the fun takes off.