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The hudfreegamer presents: How to disable the hud in Trine.

Go to the directory: Trine\dev

Make a backup of the cache.fbz file

rename the original file

open the file.

go to the directory data/gui/hud/ingame

delete all of the .fbi files (which are really .dds files) in the data/gui/hud/ingame directory inside the file. Or, just delete the "ingame" folder completely.

Exit the zip file

Rename it back to cache.fbz

Start the game and the hud will be gone.

You can remove the files from the other directories in the data/gui/hud folder if you want to. The above guide gets rid of the parts of the hud that are always displayed, but keeps notifications and parts of the hud that show up temporarily (like the prompt to open a chest). Delete as much as you want. I suggest keeping the crosshair folder though as playing without it can be difficult.

That is a permanent way to disable the hud. If you want to keep the hud and just turn it off to take a screenshot and then turn it back on, do the following:

Pres F8 to open the console.

Type: hideGUI

To re-enable, type: showGUI

You can also turn off other elements, like your character. Here are the various commands:


HideAllUnits will make the player and enemies invisible. That's good if you want to take a screenshot without any characters visible.

If you disable the GUI (what they call the HUD), you won't be able to play unless you then enter the following command:


If you get in game and forget the exact command, just type the first part and press tab. It has an auto-complete function so that you can see all the commands.

I've attached a screenshot so you can see what it looks like without the hud or character:
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To remove text popups when you collect health, etc, find the data1.fbz file. Rename it to


Find \data\locale\en\subtitles_hints.loc

Open that file with a text editor. Remove all the text on the right side of the "=" signs that you want gone from the game.

Save the file.

Repack all the files and name the new zip file data1.fbz. Put it back in the Trine directory. Start the game and the text will no longer appear.

To remove other text, edit the updates_afterlokit1.loc

Make sure to rename the other data2.fbz and data3.fbz to something else. They contain redundant information which may negate edits.