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I'm having problems with increasing the maximum fps of Trine 2. Im running at 1920x1080 resolution and 60 Hz, vsync off. I disabled the maximum fps setting in the game options, and using the settings

setOption(renderingModule, "ShowFPS", true)
setOption(gameBaseApplicationModule, "FPSCapEnabled", false)
setOption(renderingModule, "FramerateLimit", 0)

in the %APPDATA%/Trine 2/options.txt file. Behaviour does not change when I try different graphics settings or turn vsync on/off. Any suggestions?
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Here's a supposed solution I found:

Trine 2 on Linux by default is limited to 30 frames per second (FPS). There's an option in options.txt (.frozenbyte/Trine 2/) called "TargetSmooth30FPS" which can be turned off to remove this limitation. This option overrides other FPS options.

That was for linux, but maybe it will have an effect on other versions too. (if it exists)

I've also read that FSAA, etc, can really drag down the performance of Trine 2, so that might just be the max your system can do.