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Hey there. I just beat Trine with my girlfriend with two keyboards and mice. I was wondering who has tried it with a gamepad and if so, which or what kind do you recommend. My old controller does not seem to work properly at all on it...
Here was the fix provided when version 1.08 broke the gamepad support, but not for everybody. It did break it for me though and any version higher didn't work with my gamepad either. After using the fix provided in that post the gamepad magically worked for me. It basically takes it back to version 1.07 if I remember correctly.
I use a pair of those: . Works like a charm with Trine.
I agree with chris123456.

XBox360 controllers work great for this game. And if you're willing to do a bit of tinkering to install the drivers yourself, you can save a ton of money by buying a 3rd party xbox360 controller rather than the one made by microsoft.
I have a problem.

I have an xbox 360 controller. At first everything seemed to be fine until I tried to conjure up a box with the wizard. No matter which button I assign to conjure, it just won't work. I'm able to set all the other functions to any of the buttons or triggers and they all work fine. I just can't seem to get the wizard to conjure a box when using the xbox 360 controller.

I'm able to play the game perfectly fine with the mouse and keyboard without any problems.

I've tried version 1.09 as well as an older version 1.07. Apparently that helps some people, but it didn't make a difference for me.
Disregard my previous post. You can rename the data files from .fbz to .zip and then open them. I did that a while back and forgot to rename them back. While the game worked fine without those files using mouse and keyboard, the data3.fbz file contained necessary files to play with the game pad. I just named it back to data3.fbz and it fixed the problem.