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I've just wanted to link to the reactions of Frozenbyte, the developers of the Trine-series, to the heavy critisicm and the mixed reviews Trine 3 got.

A very honest and open answer, imho.

I'm a big fan of Frozenbyte (I like the Shadowgrounds-franchise and love the Trine-franchise) and I hope that this will not be the end of Frozenbyte or the Trine-universe. I think these guys are the most talented devs out there, especially Trine is an incredible good piece of art.
Here is the video they made apologizing.

I actually feel bad for them now. I just finished the game and yeah,... it's different (and not as good) than the previous ones. However, I would say it's still a very good game. I hope they are able to finish the story and this doesn't kill the company.
I'm surprised of the criticism of Trine 3, I think the game is great! I don't feel ripped off on what I spent. The only problem I have had with the game is I can't get it to run on my main computer. My other computer runs it just fine. The 3rd dimension really adds a lot of fun to the game's puzzles. Rated the game 5 stars, game play wise the game is perfect.
I just want to say that I played this game only recently (I waited to come out of gog for mac), and personally I loved trine 3. I did not find it too short (not even the other 2 were very long), I found it just different. I loved the 3D, the puzzles were really different from the previous two games, and I have so much fun with new puzzles that use 3D. I did not like the fact that you could not unlock new skills. And yes, the story was a bit worse than its predecessor. But, although it is not perfect, I think the reaction of the players and the criticisms have been exaggerated. It's still a great game, and I loved it, it's still a great addition to the series of trine. By criticism I expected a bad game, but I wanted to buy it anyway because support of frozenbyte was always helpful. After I have played I realized that sometimes players expect the impossible (or always the same game).

For me this game was just great.