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Not going the refund route but this game is a lot less fun than I remember it :/
Kinda reminds me of buying Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 when the "remasters" hit Xbox 360 all those years ago

Few little issues as well, mainly being annoyed I had to restart just to get it recognise my Xbone pad. Then, to top it off, I bound "Stall" to the left trigger...Apparently it seems TrickStyle has an issue with that and I had to set it to left bumper instead, which kinda feels somewhat off.
Setting tight turning to left trigger works fine though, so the game is being picky
Game recognized my PS2-Controller immediately and I had no problem assigning everything (and even re-assigning it). So the issue lies definitely on your side.
Game is decent, very fitting for the time period. Also, Sonic Adventure 2 is still awesome. Maybe you just aren't good at the game.