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Hi all,

We've uploaded new installation media for all three supported operating systems that will update your game to version 1.03. Please download the installation media of your choice in order to get the latest and greatest version of the game :)

Changelog for version 1.03:

Added a wall tutorial to "The Foxes' Playground"
Added an object force field in "Glimpse of Light" to prevent players getting stuck (minor fix)
Added a throw height limitation for the yellow box in "Prisons"
Added some stepping stones to "A Temple on the Mountain"
Added a force field wall to "Overcoming Limitations" to prevent players from getting stuck without the wall-walk TRI (minor fix)
Replaced a few of the deadly light rays with less deadly light rays (orange color) to make them easier
Added a lever for a gate in front of an idol in "Out of the Box"
Added an autosave to "Interrupting and Bending"
Added minor visual hints in "The Foxes' Playground", "Glimpse of Light" and "Red Means Dangerous"
Changed bottom puzzle in "Glimpse of Light" a bit to prevent glitches
Added a back wall to the portal, and a moving gate in "Prisons"

A list of bugs removed:

Fixed a minor bug with the TRI post-effect and audio filter
Fixed a minor texture error in "Out of Time and Space"
Fixed a rare, scale related bug with the elevator in "Wings in the Void"
Fixed a minor bug with the challenge mode screen when there is no local score yet
Fixed Monk not talking anymore after collecting the first TRI when moving away from him (minor fix)
Improved display of some particles with low texture resolution setting (minor fix)
Corrected particle effects for the key statues in "Three Sides To Everything" (minor fix)
Fixed subtitles not being shown anymore after pressing Escape
Fixed a minor bug with the climbing mechanic being possible on the bottom side of triangles
Fixed end statistics (played chapters and such)
Fixed a bug which caused resetting the statistics when restarting a level
Fixed a minor bug in "Out of Space and Time" by replacing an invisible triangle-destroying box with a visible one
Fixed an idol in "Wings in the Void" (regression from v1.0.1), should count now for the bonus content when collected again

Other changes:

Improved black border and skip button for cutscenes
Added option to deactivate the voice of the Monk
Added a text in pause menu screen indicating how many chapters were played in the current playthrough
Changed auto-statify (of current triangle) slightly - moving the current corner beneath the player won't make the triangle immediately static anymore (min distance is 1m)
Improved Forward Rendering (ie. when Deferred Rendering is deactivated) visually a bit - removed the edges effect and tried to reduce the flickering
Updated Unity engine version to 4.6.3f1
Replaced Unity's standard SSAO effect with Thomas "chman" Hourdel's SSAO Pro
Replaced HOTween with DOTween (thanks to Demigiant!) for slightly better performance

Thanks and have a nice day :)